Place Holder Inc.

Professional  Organizer  *  Giving you the gift of time


Business Owners

Are you downsizing? Expanding?  Moving?  Or needing things pulled together in a more efficient smooth flowing system?

Call me and let's work together to reach your goals.

Home Owners or Renters

Are you moving in or moving out?  Do you have a storage unit that needs attention?  Is part of your home becoming overrun with clutter? 

No mess is too messy, and the sooner I can get at it, the sooner you can get back to enjoying it again.

Let's talk about your goals and how I can support you to achieve them. 

Business Partners

  • Property Managers
  • Realtors
  • Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Storage Facilities

We are professionals serving clients who are in transitions requiring the movement of personal belongings in some way.  Often, circumstances are emotionally challenging so taking care of the physical assets can be overwhelming.  

If you have a client in need of support with their belongings, give me a call and we can team up to serve them fully.

[Sample]  Project Agreement


The best outcome starts with good communication.  This agreement is to clearly describe the needs and desires for organizational services, and what we expect to accomplish.  Approximate time frames will be suggested, but may need adjusting up or down for unforeseen issues.  If services outside the parameters of this described project are desired, an additional agreement will be written up for it.  

Client identity, location and any personal information made available while engaged with Place Holder, Inc.  will always be kept in strict confidence.



Name:________________________________________________________________________  Address:_____________________________________________________________________



We agree that the project described above accurately spells out the parameters of the work Place Holder Inc. is responsible for accomplishing and the named client is responsible for paying as stated on the attached Fee Agreement. [See Fee Schedule page on this site]




Client Signature                                                                                                               Date




Savanah Forster,    Place Holder Inc.                                                                      Date