Place Holder Inc.

Professional  Organizer  *  Giving you the gift of time

Place Holder Inc. means holding our clients' place of work or residence with respect and integrity and in strict confidentiality. Our services are given in the spirit of Aloha to better the lives of those we serve.

Confidentiality is an uncompromised commitment to each of our clients. Integrity means that we do what we say we will do in a timely manner, with attention to the details that make our work the highest standard of quality.

The Place Holder Inc. team advances and protects the company reputation in both our personal and professional capacities.

The "Inc" in the company name is not about incorporating a business, but incorporating a wide range of organizing services, professional expertise and experience while focusing on our relationship to the people we serve.  Our work is practical in nature, but it's purpose is to provide time and freedom for our clients to enjoy life on Maui whether they are visiting or residing here. 

Contact Me at ~ Email:  or  Phone:  (808) 250-3061