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Fee Agreement


Place Holder offers a one-hour free initial consultation.  If services are desired there is a range of payment options available.  Please look over the list below and choose the option that best fits the project(s) discussed.

[  ]  $50/hour payable at the end of services provided.

[  ]  $40/hour if project requires at least 8 hours.  An itemized invoice will be presented including any work done on site and at Place Holder offices.  Invoices are payable upon receipt.

[  ]  $30/hour for 10 hours ($300) if paid in advance.  When 10 hours of service have been completed if additional time is needed another Fee Agreement and Project Agreement (see "Services" page of this web site) will be written up to be signed.  The purpose of the Project  and Fee agreements are to allow for everyone to enjoy a clear understanding of expectations and how they will be met by working together.  Agreeing to the terms of Place Holder by signing these forms is necessary for services to be provided.  These agreements will help us to keep on track and make us accountable to the goals we plan to accomplish.



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